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For more information please contact us.

Buy Lyrica - Buy generic Pregabalin


£1.50 per serving per delegate
50p discount per delegate
for each 3 servings


(minimum 15 delegates)

£6.50 per delegate

cheap Lyrica australia


(minimum 5 delegates)

£4.50 per delegate

cheap Lyrica australia


(minimum 10 delegates)

£3.50 per delegate

cheap Lyrica australia


Goes with Sandwiches
£1.25 per delegate


Goes with sandwiches
75p per delegate


£3.50 for 2 bottles

We know that providing quality food for delegates is an important element of any conference or event.
This includes providing catering for delegates with special dietary requirements.

For more information please get in touch.






“Our visit at Canalside Conference Centre was excellent. The staff were really helpful and looked after us.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Canalside Conference Centre  |  34-36 Brooks Lane  |  Middlewich  |  CW10 0JG
Tel: 01606 835928  |  Email: buy me a boat lyrics

DESIGNED & DEVELOPED BY cheap Lyrica canada