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  • The Provider
    Canalside Conference Centre – a trading name which is solely operated and hosted by Middlewich Community Church; 34–36 Brooks Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 0JG. All correspondence and payments should be addressed to Middlewich Community Church.
  • The Client
    The company or organisation on whose behalf the rooms and facilities of Canalside Conference Centre have been booked by a representative of that company or organisation.
  • The Contract

    The agreement between the provider and the client to provide and to make use of, premises, services and facilities for the appropriate purposes, for an agreed fee payable to the provider.
    Period of Hire: The agreed date and times between which the premises, services and facilities have been hired by the client.

  • Payment Terms

    A non refundable deposit of £25 or 20% of the projected charges (whichever is greater) must be paid by the client on signing of the contract. The balance of the total charges due to the provider must be paid by the client to the provider no later than 14 days after the finish date of the conference.
    If the client has any reasonable query with respect to any part of an invoice, this must be reported to the provider within 14 days of the invoice date and that part may be withheld from payment until the query is resolved. However, the undisputed amount must be paid by its due date.

  • Number of Attendees

    The client may give notice to the provider, reducing contracted numbers to the conference by giving no fewer than 3 working days notice before the first day of the conference. Final charges will then be recalculated to reflect this reduction. Any increase in the originally contracted numbers will be accommodated at the provider’s discretion and charged accordingly.

  • Client’s Use of Middlewich Community Church
    All rooms and services provided under the name Canalside Conference Centre are provided by and on the premises of, Middlewich Community Church. Whilst using the rooms or services supplied by the provider the client and its delegates must at all times:
    • Act in a proper and orderly manner. The provider reserves the right to remove from the premises anyone who, in the opinion of its representative, is acting in what may considered an unacceptable manner.
    • Refrain from bringing dangerous, hazardous or illegal items or substances onto Middlewich Community Church premises.
    • Comply with all statutory regulations, licensing laws and company regulations relating to Middlewich Community Church.
    • Refrain from affixing any material of any kind to the floors, walls or ceilings or any part of the premises without the prior written consent of the provider.
    • Only use the room or space for the purpose for which it is contracted.
    • Refrain from entering into any contracts for live music, other forms of live entertainment, or other services in connection with the conference without prior written consent of the provider. Such permission will not be unreasonably withheld.
    • Be fully responsible for all loss or damage, or injury to any person, whilst on the premises of the provider (including employees of the provider or other non-delegates) as a result of an act of negligence caused by the client or the client’s representatives or guests. The client agrees to pay all damages and costs associated with such an act of negligence.

Canalside Conference Centre  |  34-36 Brooks Lane  |  Middlewich  |  CW10 0JG
Tel: 01606 835928  |  Email: buy Lyrical dance costumes online

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